BluePhone - Day 2

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Blue Phone is a slow growth series. All the events will occur during a period of 10 days.

This is the second day where consequences start to get big and women bigger

The second chapter will explore the second day of the week of a guy, Ralph Ceresbane, who’s got in possession of a peculiar phone able to alter reality. Being “one of us” he will continue to use it to shape the world of his dreams. After waking up he noticed an odd behaviour of the device, what’s happening and why? During his class he meets his best friend Derryl who almost gets in serious trouble because of Ralph. In the evening he will also get an unforgettable experience with the girl of his dreams: Chantelle.

Although in this part of the story female characters don’t get to be giantess (yet), there are many extremely detailed sequences of height growth, ass growth, and breast expansion. Clothes get shorter, shoes smaller and breasts look really soft. Growth happens both on and off stage. Growth sequences are so full of small details that you probably need to read it twice or more to notice them all!

This is a story for those who love slow growth and enjoy savoring every moment of it. It’s plot rich and will bring you to a world where girls are changing and growing every moment of the day: nothing will be like before anymore.

Women are changing and growing day after day, hour after hour. He will notice fast enough that it’s not limited to women around him, his neighborhood or his town, all the women in the world are getting taller and more feminine. How will everyday life be affected?

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BluePhone - Day 2

15 ratings